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Monday, 23 February 2015

Jan Bárta (CZ)_interview by Orsolya Bálint (KÖM)

Shifting the borders into an extreme
Love can turn into hate in a second, as we will see in STICKER, a theatre performance by Jan Bárta (CZ) on the first Performing V4 – Biennial of VARP-PA Residents in Prague, on the 26th of February, at 8 p.m. in Alfred ve Dvoře Theatre. We talked to Jan about taking the relationship games into an extreme, only by suddenly changing the rules.

Your performance, Sticker is about the games we play every day in our relationships. What was the initial inspiration to start working on this topic?
It is mostly about the games we are playing in our intimate relationships. It is based on the duality between man and woman. We tried to apply a sort of clockwork system game, through which we are showing the borders between what is usually understood as private and as public in relationships, and we are shifting this border into an extreme. There were several very specific inspiration sources; one of them was the film Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf. 

How did you begin to put your ideas into action, what did you experiment with?
We are mostly working by making a lot of material on the floor and by hard selection we do the final editing. We work a lot with improvisation as well. 

The “sudden slip”, the change of behavior from harmless to hostile is also shown in your performance teaser. How do you create this moment and what happens there between you and Halka Třešňáková, you partner on stage?
There are several moments like this in our show. The “sudden slip” can be understood more as one of the communication tools between them, something that can help them to go on and on.

Where does the game end? Does it end at all, if you keep on changing the rules?
They are constantly changing those rules on the way in order to keep playing the game; the game only pauses when one of them stops. 

Was there a moment during the creative process when you have felt you have gone too far?
Not during this process.

For how long have you been working with Halka? How did she contribute to the creation of the performance?
We are working on our third production in these days. We have always been communicating about all the important parts of these projects together, so we both are makers in this production.

The couple on stage “knows each other so well, therefore they love and hate each other so much.” Do you think this love-hate duality applies to most long-term relationships? 
I think we can apply this sentence on almost every married couple...

What did the possibility mean to you to work in the framework of VARP-PA?
To present my work.

Have you ever been in this residency program before?
Yes, two times.

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