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Friday, 23 January 2015

Meetings in Poznan and Prague - January

We had PV4-meetings concerning details, questions and organization plans in Poznan (PL) and Prague (CZ).

cooking together helps a lot - unofficial - Poznan

Joanna, Anna, Márta, Zsolt

visiting our partner Nova sit in Prague

meeting at Nova sit with Petr (PR), Adris, Ewan (Motus), Márta

meeting at Nova sit with Petr (PR) and Adris

meeting at Nova sit - Márta

meeting with leader of Studio ALTA, Lucia and Márta

have a tea in Lucerna cafe with the brand fresh brochures and Zsolt

Lucerna Cafe, Márta

meeting with Mátyás at Balassi Institute

last meeting with Stephan (main technician)

meeting with Katarina at Ponec

no comment

details about video documentation, Márta and Veronika (video)

final check for travels with Zdenka and Zsolt

first visit at Studio ALTA - Stephan (main technician) and Márta

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